{SCOTLAND} EDINBURGH MAY’16: St Giles’ Cathedral\

St Giles’ Cathedral is the principal place of worship for Church of Scotland in Edinburgh which located along the Royal Mile between the Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. This is one of the tourist attraction in Edinburgh of its religious focal point for approximately 900 years.




  • Date of visiting: 28 Apr 16
  • Duration spent: 45 mins


  • Free admission but need to donate £2.00 (SGD 3.94) to the church if any photographs taken indoor.

Outdoor (Free Photography)IMGL4443IMGL4444IMGL4448IMGL4454IMGL4460IMGL4457IMGL4680

Indoor (Paid Photography)IMGL4683IMGL4684IMGL4685IMGL4686IMGL4687IMGL4688IMGL4689IMGL4691IMGL4692IMGL4693IMGL4699IMGL4700IMGL4705IMGL4703IMGL4702IMGL4711IMGL4708IMGL4707IMGL4712

Its interior is amazing. If you ever go Edinburgh, this church is a MUST TO GO place.

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