{SCOTLAND} EDINBURGH MAY’16: Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a number one paid-for tourist attraction to go if you ever come Edinburgh. This castle is a world-famous icon of Scotland.


Once you are in, first thing to do is to buy ticket.IMGL4579


  • Date of event: 28 Apr 16
  • Duration spent: 4 hours


  • Adult: £16.50 per ticket (SGD 32.50)
  • Child: £9.90 per ticket (SGD 19.40)

Nice scenery that I can’t stop myself of taking photos here.

IMGL4594IMGL4595IMGL4596Even though the castle is huge, you won’t lost inside.IMGL4597IMGL4598IMGL4614IMGL4615IMGL4616IMGL4617IMGL4618IMGL4619IMGL4620IMGL4621IMGL4622IMGL4623IMGL4627IMGL4626IMGL4630IMGL4631IMGL4634IMGL4637IMGL4639IMGL4635IMGL4642IMGL4643IMGL4646IMGL4647IMGL4648IMGL4649IMGL4651IMGL4659IMGL4661IMGL4660

What about inside the castle?

IMGL4602IMGL4604IMGL4605IMGL4606IMGL4608IMGL4609IMGL4610IMGL4612This is just part of it. There are many more that I didn’t take the photos.

IMGL4658IMGL4657This was the oldest part of the castle, St Margaret’s Chapel, that dated fom the 12th century.IMGL4636IMGL4640IMGL4641We had walked the whole castle and took us 4 hours to finish it. It’s worthwhile.

Let’s have a break. We went to the cafe to have our hi-tea in the castle. That’s awesome. Isn’t it?




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  1. Love Edinburgh, this is great!


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