{SCOTLAND} EDINBURGH MAY’16: The peak of Arthur’s Seat

One of the free thing to do when you are in Edinburgh is to walk up to the peak of the Arthur’s Seat. It is the main peak among of all other hills that looming over the City of Edinburgh. The best view at the peak is to face Edinburgh Castle, Old Town and New Town.



  • Date of event: 28 Apr 16
  • Duration spent: 2 hrs
  • Level of difficulty: 3/5


  • Free of charge

As early as possible to catch the sunrise, we woke up at 4am and went out at 4.30am. The most important thing to pack for my time-lapse video is the camera, tripod and intervalometers. And of course, a good shoe to go.



The most easiest stroll that takes only 15 mins to reach the summit. Alternatively, you can choose some other well marked path constructed where you can follow the volcanic rock to climb up to the summit of Arthur’s Seat. As this was our first time, we chose the most difficult route and took us 45 mins to reach the peak. If you are not careful and alert, you might fall all the way down as there is no handrail to hold.

If you do not know, Arthur’s Seat is actually the extinct volcano hill.

Did I mention the path to Arthur’s Seat is just behind the Airbnb we stay? I would probably recommend this Airbnb if Arthur’s Seat is one of your itinerary.

Sorry didn’t manage to take photos during the night. But this photo can tell you how close Arthur’s Seat is to the place we stay. On the left is the place we stay and on the right is the path towards Arthur’s Seat.


It looked so easy to climb at the beginning



but it was getting difficult when we were half way there.

Even half way to the peak, you will have nice scenic.

We were half way there.


Almost there.


Hang on.


We had finally reached.


It was freaking cold. Should be below zero degree.


The sunrise.



Let’s slowly climb down after the sunrise at 5.30am.


Enjoy the scenic while going down.


Left my foot print.


Mark our shadow.


Back down.


Task fulfilled.


You may view my timelapse video here.

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