CALTON HILL is a marvellous gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is easily assessable and only needs 5 mins walk from Waverley Station. This hill is resplendent with a panoramic view and has several iconic monuments and architecture. It is a popular place for tourist and even the locals come for picture taking.

Don’t be afraid of the flight of stairs leading up to the hill. You just need 2 mins to reach the top to unveil the seemingly endless beauty of Edinburgh and its surroundings.

Stairs to Calton Hill


  • Date of event: 27 Apr 16
  • Duration spent: 2 hrs


  • Free admission

The weather was not clear and with shower rain and snow when we went up on Wednesday evening. We were there to take timelapse video for sunset. The rain was getting heavier so do the wind that was getting stronger but we didn’t give up. We waited for 30 mins to allow the dark clouds to clear and fortunately we make it.


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Can you imagine how cold it is that day? We were there at 7pm (Singapore time: 3am) and went off at 9pm (Singapore time: 5am). FYI, Scotland is 8 hrs later than Singapore.

2 hours under the -0 degree temperature, just to wait for the sunset in order to take the time lapse video. Hopefully, it turns out good. Can’t wait to show you my video.

After that we went down to a nearby chinese restaurant to have our dinner. It is along the street near Travelodge Hotel. We were freaking cold. We just grab anything that we saw and the plus point was HOT SOUP. I got the hand made vegetable noodles soup while the Husband got the hand made beef noodles soup. How can I describe the taste? It is no better than Singapore. Let’s stick with local food. And it is not cheap and not worth to eat chinese food here. We had limited choices during that night as all shops had almost closed.

Home Made Vegetable Noodles Soup

Other than the scenic view, there has many events held at this hill. One of them is “Beltane Fire Festival” that we have just come back from this event. It is normally held on the last night of April and first day of May every year. It is a ritualised and theatrical pantheistic celebration to mark the arrival of Summer. Interesting!

You may read more on this festival here.

The queue was super long but fast-moving.


It costed GBP 10 (SGD 19.70) per person.


This event can hold up to 12,000 people. It is considered a big event here.

The people is full of creativity and innovative here. Their portable gents at this event are outdoor and it is visible to public but don’t worry, I can’t see anything that I shouldn’t see. (I do not manage to take a photo of that as I might get caught. Hehe.) It really cuts the imaginative queue into half.

Even the food stalls were full of people.


We need something warm. We ordered Spring Bean Soup that costed GBP 3.00 (SGD 5.91). Taste fantastic. Warm to buy.

This hot soup really keep us warm so that we were able to walk another 15 mins to reach the place we stay.

Good Night!



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