{SCOTLAND} EDINBURGH MAY’16: Hello! Hello! Hello!

We had finally reached after the incident of missing connecting flight.


Based on the Google weather, it is 4℃ to 5℃ during my period of stay here from 27 Apr 16 to 2 May 16. (Source: edinburgh weather) It is totally different climate from where I stay for the past 30 years. Back in Singapore, I had never expected to be that cold when I was packing my luggage as I was expecting bearable temperature like air-con as it should be towards summer weather. To be honest, I neither pack any wind breaker nor any winter-related clothing. You will never know how cold it is until you are here. It is freaking cold and I almost freeze.

Out from the airport, we took airport tram from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrew Square. It costed GBP 5.50 (SGD 10.84) per person.


Even though there are 10 stations in between them, it took us 50 mins to reach. Approximately 5 mins per station. For your info, the tram is slower than a normal car.

Our adventure begins.

16-04-27-13-41-39-100_photo copy

It is so convenient to bring your luggage on the tram. No matter what size your luggage is, there will have multiple racks near the individual door for you to place your luggage.

16-04-27-13-43-52-711_deco copy

Let’s go.

16-04-27-13-46-23-790_deco copy

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