Ready to go!

It has been a busy day at work and I have to finish all my stuff before I can head off to UK for 3 weeks.

My flight to Edinburgh via transit at London is at 22:40pm. As per planned schedule, I must be in cab at 20:00pm but I am not able to leave the work on the dot. I leave at 18:30pm and rush back to walk Baileys and Myers for 20 mins. Do the last packing up and only can leave at 20:30pm. Reach airport at 21:00pm. As this is my first time to UK, first time to take long hours (13hrs) flight, free & easy for first time, everything didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. I got hold up when check in my luggage. Due to overloaded of 1 bag (25kg), I have to repack and take out 1 item to match the 23kg (Allowed check in baggage for British Airway: 1 bag = 23kg). You cannot imagine how many things I have packed for 3 weeks. I remain silent.


See you in 13 hours time!

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